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The Casa Blanca north residence is a union of design and material, set against the backdrop of an iconic Arizona landmark, Camelback Mountain. The home is comprised of two stone clad ''wings'' flanking a great room of panoramic glass between, the arrangement perfectly frames dramatic mountain vistas.


Upon arrival, the front entry walk opens to a generous front garden under a lattice of light and shadow. Stone and sunlight extend into the home, blurring the sense of inside/outside, a common theme throughout. The great room is the heart of the home, under a floating butterfly wing roof. Its palette of natural wood millwork and slatted ceiling, paired with large format porcelain floor, brings an organic warmth to the house.


The home has 5 bedrooms including a large guest master, an oversized great room and an open kitchen with a dedicated office, Rec/theater room and flex room to be used for whatever the new homeowners would like. House also boasts over 3,000 square feet of covered patio space with the ability to open a large 14' operable multi slide door system up, truly letting the outdoors in.

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